Sailor Moon Jeopardy! with AmberSkies
05/28/2023 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Amber Skies Creations

Calling all Moonies and Magical Folks of every kind! AmberSkies is proud to present a fun and interactive panel laughing, twirling, and quizzing our way through the classic shoujo universe of Sailor Moon! In the magical era of the early 1990's, Sailor Moon blasted its way through the hearts of Japan, and landed in many of our laps as kids on our American TV Screens as an early morning "cartoon". For many, this would be the first taste of ANIME, and the gateway into a lifetime of love for this genre of animated entertainment! So take a nostalgic step back in time, and stop on by to test your knowledge of the iconic characters, items, spells, and plot of the show and manga-- with jeopardy style questions throughout the years and iterations and re-adaptations of the series and celebrate the girl who fought evil by moonlight and won love by daylight!