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Cos-Shaming: It Happens to Everyone
05/26/2023 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

We're back again for another year at Sabaku Con to talk about the effects of a form of shaming that we like to call "Cos-Shaming". Have you ever been bullied, teased or judged on the the character you chose to cosplay? How about the missing detail or the crooked stitch on the hem of your Harry Potter house cloak? We're here to tell you that your not alone. This panel will discuss the effects of this type of bullying or "shaming" and the ways to handle it in stride to help yourself and this great anime community we all share and take part in. We'll be handing out participation goodies for anyone who would like to share their story or advice they have had in a situation related to cos-shaming. This panel is for anyone who has bullied or been bullied. It is a judgment free zone and all are welcome to attend and participate!